Learn the ABC's

Share your love of snowboarding with the groms in your life while also teaching them the alphabet.

ABC Snowboarding Book in the trees

About the Author

Neev has been snowboarding for eighteen years and working in the snowboard industry for the last ten. Passionate about progressing the sport and sharing it with the next generation, she took her love of snowboarding and spending time with groms and turned it into an ABC book.

The Chill Foundation

Chill is a positive youth development program where boardsports become a vehicle for empowerment. Revolving around a core value-driven curriculum, Chill programs consist of experiential learning activities, reflection, and discussion, paired with boardsport lessons. Chill’s six core values provide youth with a foundation and framework for learning and growth, supported and enhanced through on-board progression and adult mentorship. Chill removes all barriers to accessing boardsports by providing youth with everything they need to get after it, at absolutely no cost.

Since inception in 1995, Chill is proud to offer programs in 24 cities in 10 countries throughout the world.

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